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Above the Knossos label used on his Knossos scarves, this label was registered in Paris January 1908. Above the silk label used by Fortuny on Velvet coats & mantels. Above the labels used most frequently on clothing and textiles.


Fortuny's stamp from 1919 "Soc. An. Fortuny" stamp, (Societa Anonima Fortuny), used from the time Fortuny entered into partnership with Giancarlo Stucky in 1919 to produce his textiles at the Giudecca factory. It is not clear when the stamps changed from this version to the versions below, it seems likely that the stamp changed after Fortuny passed away and Countess Gozzi took over operation of the company.



Collection of Borders

Left & right are borders found on his cotton textiles. These are still in use today. Some borders are available by the yard, and not always available in continous pieces.

Collection of paper labels

Left & right are labels used by the showrooms to identify pattern & color way.


Borders and Stamps from 1960 & 1962 Various Stamps with & with out dates. Signatures & Stamps from Italy & New York


Ficolla with border Pergolesi with border Carvaggio with border
Canova with Border Cherubini with border Nicolo with border
Granada pattern with Border Irani pattern with border Moresco with border
Crossoni pattern with Border Maori pattern with Border Persiano pattern with Border


1927 Border Fortuny created for the Titan Rooms for the Museum of Naples. See Fortuny by Guillermo De Osma page 152.

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Vintage 1930's Border Leaf design Vintage 1920's Border Floral Design Vintage 1965 Farnese Frieze Border
Vintage 1920's Border Vintage 1950's Border Lamballe Pattern

Vintage 1990's Border GlicenePattern

See pillow page two


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