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In my search for Mariano Fortuny textiles I have yet to find a comprehensive index or catalog of his pattern's and their names. My experience and emphasis  has been focused on his cotton stenciled textiles. Over the years I have acquired a good library of his works both in text books and textile sample books and have used these to compile this index.

These pages are dedicated to sharing the patterns, their names and color ways I have encountered. Examples range in age to 1920's to present day. Some are available for sale others archived.  Since it is reported that Fortuny created more than 800 designs, there are many I have not encountered yet. If you would like to add a pattern that I do not have in this reference index, please feel free to contact me at

This index is alphabetical. Select the pattern name link to view all color ways in the directory where each piece is labeled with the pattern name and Fortuny's reference number when available. Next the color way, usually the foundation color followed by the overlay.  Lastly provenance, how the piece was identified and source information when applicable.



17th Century Persian Design. Small Trees Motif.

Pattern 54" wide on 56" wide ground.

16" vertical design repeat. No border .

Link toAlberelli Color ways



Unknown pattern description.

Pattern width less border 45.5 on 54 wide ground.
99" vertical design repeat
Has border on both selvages.

Link toAshanti Color ways



17th Century Design. Roman Influence.

Pattern 52" wide on 55" wide ground.

36 3/4" vertical design repeat, no border.

Link to Barberini Color ways




Unknown pattern description. Pattern 52" wide on 53" wide ground.
34.5"vertical design repeat, no border.

Link toBoucher Color ways





17th Century Italian Design. Morning Glory motif.

Pattern 51" wide on 54" ground. 14" vertical design repeat. No border.

Link to Campanelle Color ways

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